Over 70 Years Of
Manufacturing Excellence

Specializes in Custom Molds and Tooling for Aerospace & Automotive applications

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Delivering Excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing

With over 70 years of expertise, Reuther Mold & Manufacturing is a trusted name in crafting custom molds and tooling for our customer's chosen applications. Our legacy includes pivotal projects like designing molds for the gas masks during Desert Storm. Committed to excellence, our engineering department specializes in tailor-made molds to meet your specifications.

Our Specializations

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Aerospace Precision

Our precision-engineered parts and molds adhere to stringent aerospace standards. From intricate custom molds for airplanes to critical tooling for rockets, we ensure impeccable quality and reliability.

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Government Contracting

With a proven track record in government contracting, we adhere to stringent guidelines to deliver precision-engineered tooling and molds for diverse applications, maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance.

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Fidelis Ownership

Under new management through the acquisition by Fidelis, we are poised for expansion and growth in the aerospace sector. Our partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, ensuring we deliver bigger, better, and improved solutions to our clients.

Engineering Services

Discover the difference that precision and professionalism can make. Explore our services and learn more about how Reuther Mold & Manufacturing can help bring your unique projects to life with our custom mold solutions.

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