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System Integration

In addition to our various other capabilities, we pride ourselves on being system integrators. Prioritizing system integration means that Reuther Mold works to create one functioning unit out of sub-components in order to create a seamless operation process. As a result, our company partners with suppliers to produce “out of press” and “out of autoclave” molding stations.

Work Cell Approach

Reuther Mold provides heating and cooling solutions to support a “Work Cell” approach to manufacturing. Ball Screws and PLCs are integrated into the design when high accuracy and speed control are required. Simple chain and sprocket drives can be used when accuracy and speed are lower priorities. Safety features like light curtains and safety mats are added to protect your work force. Most of these systems can be tested at our plant for your approval before shipping.

We have provided System Integration for:

  • Standalone RTM applications
  • Part loading, clamping, heating, cooling & part extraction
  • Mold transport carts
  • Shuttle systems to move your molds into and out of your existing press

Onsite Support

Reuther Mold offers onsite support during installation and start-up at your plant. Our team will be there to ensure that our products fit seamlessly into your company’s operations. You will save time and money with our experts there to minimize downtime by guiding you through the setup of Reuther Mold systems. Our onsite support is optional, but we recommend the service to all new customers who want to get the most out of our system integration equipment.


The benefits of system integration are vast, and our company takes full advantage of this manufacturing technique so that we are able to best serve our customers. The key to our success is in the system design. Reuther Mold’s engineering team, in partnership with your manufacturing team, will map out a system to support your process flow and maintain the high quality your customers demand. Our goal is to automate your approved process flow, and streamline it into an integrated system that will shorten your overall cycle time.

Take advantage of Reuther’s expert engineering services and contact us today!

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