Over 60 years of Manufacturing Excellence

In the 1980's Reuther Mold began to design and manufacture tooling for SMC and BMC materials. Since that time the Company has produced tooling for the production of air condition housing units, laundry tubs, shower floors, sinks, and roofing shingles and many other products.

Tooling is usually designed with hydraulic cylinders with flow diverters for the ejection side. Many of the tools are polished to diamond finish and textured prior to chrome plating. We can hot fit the tool shear edges in our spotting press with our steam “jenny” providing core & cavity temperature differentials per customer specification prior to hard chrome plating. Whatever your SMC or BMC tooling needs we have the design & manufacture capabilities to fulfill them.

We have provided tooling for:

  1. Air Condition Housing Units
  2. Laundry Tubs
  3. Shower Floors
  4. Sinks
  5. Roofing Shingles
  6. Aircraft Carbon Fiber Parts