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SMC & BMC Tooling

Reuther Mold has been designing and manufacturing tooling for Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC) materials since the 1980s. Since that time, our company has produced tooling for the production of air condition housing units, laundry tubs, shower floors, sinks, and roofing shingles, and many other products.

SMC vs. BMC Tooling?

These terms are related and often grouped together because they are both fiber-reinforced materials that are known to often use varying lengths of glass strand fibers. The distinction between SMC & BMC largely relates to the differing lengths of these glass strand fibers. 

SMC Characteristics

SMC requires longer fiber lengths, and has a higher percentage of reinforcement fibers than BMC. Along with these longer strands, SMC is also composed of mineral fillers and thermosetting resin. These materials are then shaped into a malleable sheet. SMC is an ideal option for projects that require superior strength and complex shaping.

BMC Characteristics

BMC involves shorter fiber lengths, making it less densely composed of glass fibers. BMC, like its name implies, lends itself to bulk production. Commonly mixed with Z-blade mixers, BMC is made up of mineral fillers and thermosetting resin in addition to glass fibers, much like SMC. BMC is an ideal option for projects that involve close dimension control, flame resistance, and outstanding flow characteristics.

Despite the  differences between the two forms of tooling, both are suitable options for compression molding. In both cases, Reuther Mold provides SMC & BMC tooling options that come with the Reuther Mold commitment to excellence.

Reuther Mold Tooling Design

Our tooling is usually designed with hydraulic cylinders using flow diverters for the ejection side. Most of our tools are polished to diamond finish and textured prior to chrome plating, resulting in exceptional quality. We are able to hot fit the tool shear edges in our spotting press by using our steam “jenny.” This provides core & cavity temperature differentials tailored to customer specifications prior to the hard chrome plating process. Your tooling needs will be met by our superior design and manufacturing capabilities.

Discover Whether SMC & BMC Tooling Is the Right Option For You

As you explore our many molding and tooling options, you may find yourself wondering what projects typically require SMC and BMC tooling. We can help! 

While this is not an exhaustive list, typical projects we have completed using SMC and BMC tooling include: Air Condition Housing Units, Laundry Tubs, Shower Floors, Sinks, Roofing Shingles, Aircraft Carbon Fiber Parts, and more! 

If you are still unsure about what the right option for your order is do not hesitate to get in contact with our expert team! Our staff is focused on meeting your needs and exceeding your quality standards. We are standing by, ready and willing to help you work out the details of your next order.

Mold Design

Reuther Mold heating designs are accomplished with Electrical Heating Cartridges, Oil Line Heating, Water Line Heating, and Press Platen Heating. We also offer heating and cooling solutions with programmable cycles.

Apart from heating design, Reuther Mold uses a CAD system for our mold designs. Specifically, we use CATIA and Solidworks as our main design software. Our CAD model capabilities also include CATIA and Solidworks, as well as STP format

How does the mold design process work?  

Our design process begins with your Part CAD Model when we adjust for material shrinkage. Then, we apply your press information and any additional special mold requirements to our preliminary mold design.  Working with your team through a video call or on-site visit, we refine the design until you are satisfied. Once the design is finalized manufacturing begins.

Mold Specifications

When it comes to SMC & BMC tooling, Reuther Mold offers service tailored to your specific needs. We are able to produce large molds, up to 45,000 lbs, and we use the highest quality steels, including P20, 4140HT, and Heat Treated Tool Steel.

Manufacturing Timelines

Quote turnaround times for our SMC & BMC tooling services can vary, but typically occur within 3 to 5 days. Lead times also are variable based on size and specifications, but Reuther Mold works hard to provide the components you need in 10 to 14 weeks

For customers concerned with following progress on orders and deliveries, we have a full-time Scheduler whotracks our SMC & BMC molds from Engineering, Material Purchasing, CNC Programming, Machining, Bench polish, Assembly to Inspection.  Each week the schedule is updated and sent to our customers. Internally, we have meetings each day to review manufacturing flow and work around any bottlenecks.

Explore the Types of Ejector Systems Reuther Mold Designs

Our ejector systems include: 

  • Press Mounted systems 
  • Chain Lift systems 
  • Hydraulic Cylinders 

Pursuing Quality in SMC & BMC Tooling

Reuther Mold maintains quality systems that ensure that the SMC & BMC tooling services we offer are the best in the industry. Achieving the latest ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with Design certification, Reuther Mold is thorough in the steps we take to pursue top quality. Our company uses high-grade technology and equipment to guarantee that our products are up to standard. 

Reuther Mold is committed to meeting any additional customer-specific certifications & standards that you may require, including up-to-date Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDAs) per our customers’ request. For tooling options that lead the industry in quality and customized service, look no further.

Mold Repair andMaintenance?   

Yes! Reuther Mold repairs all types of SMC and BMC tooled molds. Our maintenance and repair services are available to all of our customers, even if we did not design or build the mold requiring repairs. We also are able to perform maintenance on your existing molds including:  replacing dowels and bushings to complete strip, polish, and replate.  We can also provide pick-up and delivery to your loading dock.

For more information about our Quality policies and initiatives, please contact us today!

SMC & BMC Tooling
SMC & BMC Tooling
manufacturing excellence for over 70 years
SMC & BMC Tooling