Over 60 years of Manufacturing Excellence

Reuther Mold started designing and manufacturing molds for the rubber industry from its beginning in 1950. We have produced injection, injection transfer, transfer, and compression molds used with any type of black rubber compound. We have also produced molds for silicone and TPE/TPR compounds.

Reuther Mold has been involved in design and production of personal protective equipment for both military and civilian applications: gas masks, nose cups, and nose cups with plastic molded-in inserts, head straps, and exhalation flaps.

We also assist our customers at their facilities in the processing of the compounds, sharing our expertise to decrease cycle time, eliminate trapped air, reduce scrap parts, and reduce rubber waste.

We have provided Rubber Molds for:

  1. Automotive: Bushings, Engine and Transmissions
  2. Mounts, Engine gaskets, Air ducts, Run-flat tire inserts
  3. Water Gate Valve Disks up to 60”
  4. Gas masks, Nose Cups and Head Straps
  5. Tractor Treads, Hay Rollers up to 110” long
  6. Tooling for the Minuteman Rocket, GEM60 & GEM63 booster Cases, Patriot missile
  7. Tank Wheels, Track Pads Shoes and Bushing
  8. Associated tooling: Cold Runners, Loading Boards, Knock-Out Boards, Preheat Stations and Shuttle Systems.