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Rubber Molds

Reuther Mold has been designing and manufacturing molds for the rubber industry from its inception in 1950. We have produced injection, injection transfer, transfer, and compression molds used with any black rubber compound. We have also produced molds for silicone and TPE/TPR compounds.
For over 50 years Reuther Mold has been involved in the design and production of tooling to support the manufacturing of personal protective equipment for both military and civilian applications: gas masks, nose cups, and nose cups with plastic molded-in inserts, head straps, and exhalation flaps.

Design Process

Using an Interactive Rubber Mold Design process, our customers are a key player in the mold design process. We incorporate secure, online design reviews at each step of the way and CAD model changes are made in real time. Follow up CAD models can be provided after each meeting along with meeting notes and action items.

Customer Assistance

Reuther Mold also assists our customers at their facilities in the processing of the compounds, sharing our expertise to decrease cycle time, eliminate trapped air, reduce scrap parts, reduce rubber waste, and increase yields. Clients have full access to our expertise. Trust our field-tested professionals and contact Reuther Molds for any rubber mold assistance you require.

We Adapt

Reuther Mold has developed our ability to be as adaptable as our customers need us to be. We have an established history of producing rubber molds for a wide range of industries and uses, and have proven ourselves adaptable.Discover the different ways Reuther Mold can meet your rubber mold needs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of our rubber mold solutions.

Designed, Manufactured, and Delivered

We have designed and manufactured rubber molds for:

  • Automotive controlled ventilation windows
  • Automotive bushings
  • Engine and transmissions mounts
  • Engine gaskets
  • Air ducts
  • Run-flat tire inserts
  • Water gate valve disks up to 60”
  • Gas masks, nose cups, and head straps
  • Tractor treads
  • Hay rollers up to 125” long
  • Minuteman rocket
  • Graphite epoxy motor (GEM60 & GEM63) rocket booster cases
  • Patriot missile
  • Tank wheels, track pads shoes, and nushing

Support Tooling for Your Rubber Molding Processes

We also design and manufacture support tooling for your rubber molding processes.

Solid Block and Split Plate Cold Runners

Our cold runners will save you money by reducing rubber scrap and also reducing overall cycle time.

Loading Boards for “Molded In” Inserts

Loading Boards can be handheld or mounted on your press lifters through a Reuther Mold designed rail system. These loading boards will accurately load all your metal inserts at one time. Sensors can be added to “check” when all the inserts are in the loading board and ready to load.

Knock-Out Boards to Aid Part Removal

Knock-out boards can be designed to push the parts up or down and like loading boards, they can be handheld or mounted to the press.

Preheat Stations

Preheat stations are a nice feature when you have a lot of short runs. The mold can be preheated before it is loaded into the press. This option will save hours waiting for mold to heat up before you can make the first part.

Shuttle Systems

Our shuttle systems can automate your molding cycle and manage process heat. PLC driven shuttles can move your mold from a “cleaning and metal loading location” into your press for injection and cure and then back out again after the cure is complete. Moving the mold out of the press will allow full access for the operator to remove molded parts, clean the molding surface, inspect for any cavity damage or wear, apply mold release, and load any metal inserts. With a push of a button, the mold will be shuttled back into the press and during the entire time critical mold temperatures are maintained. Light curtains and safety mats can be added through the PLC to protect your valuable operators.

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