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Fixtures & Support Tooling

Reuther Mold’s full line of customer services includes preform molds, debulk molds, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures, inspection fixtures, and vacuum lay-up tools. We can design and manufacture a complete tooling string from your CAD model to assure continuity throughout your manufacturing processes.

Explore Our Fixtures & Support Tooling Options

Pre-form Molds

Reuther Mold’s pre-form tooling will form and prep your fabric for the molding operation. The most common application is linked to RTM molding. This method of pre-forming aids in the loading of RTM tools and can reduce the risk of trapping fibers when loading mandrels and closing slides. Pre-forming supports a uniformly shaped final component, regardless of design complexity.

Debulk Molds

Debulk features can be incorporated into a pre-form  tool or this can be a stand alone mold. Debulk molds compact the fabric and pull out the air to help eliminate air trapped during RTM molding. Usually a vacuum system is used to “squeeze” the air out of the fabric. Tackifying agents are used to help hold the fabric in shape after the vacuum has been removed. This same agent is also used in the premold process.

Machining Fixtures

Continuing through the tool string, Reuther Mold knows how important it is to make sure your part Datum System is carried through your entire manufacturing process. From start to finish, we integrate features into our tool strings to assure that integrity. The machining fixture is a key to maintaining the Datum System from the molding operation through assembly and inspection. Working with your manufacturing engineers, we design and manufacture machining fixtures around your machining process sheet  to make sure your CNC programmers, machine set-up associate, and operators are all on the same page.  Some machine fixtures utilize a vacuum holding system and some use a quick clamp method. Features can be designed into the machining fixture for in process inspection. From two-xis to multi-axis, we design and build them all.

Assembly Fixtures

Reuther Mold produces assembly fixtures that are able to seamlessly integrate into your workspace. Our fixtures can be mounted on wheels and moved from station to station or mounted to your floor. Working with your manufacturing engineers, we can design these fixtures to support your job routing sheets. Our assembly fixtures will accurately locate and firmly hold sub assemblies during the final assembly process. Just like the machining fixture, features can be designed into the assembly fixture for in-process inspection.       

Inspection Fixtures

The end of the line…..inspection fixtures. This is where we start designing a tooling string. By understanding all your final quality requirements, Reuther Mold’s design team works with yours to carry the goal of “final inspection” throughout all the tools in the string. The end result is a streamlined manufacturing process that builds quality into your product  and not a system that tries to inspect quality as the last step.  

Working with your quality team we design around your inspection equipment to provide an accurate method for the consistent repeatability of your final product.    

Vacuum Lay-Up Tools 

The vacuum lay-up process is a low cost way of making composite parts without the higher cost of resin transfer tooling. Reuther Mold designs and manufactures simple one-piece solid plate tools and complex shape tools with fabricated face sheets and egg crate support. Features like integrated vacuum connections, part and lay-up scribe lines, ply rosettes, “O” ring vacuum sealing grooves, and hand-held drill fixtures can be incorporated into any design. Depending on your requirements, we can manufacture these tools from aluminum, mild steel, Invar, or cast products. Along with normal inspection reports, all of our vacuum lay-up tools are checked for leaks with ambient air. We can also provide a certified vacuum check with helium.   

Below are a few platforms where we have provided Fixtures & Support Tooling

  • Rotary-wing aircraft and fixed-wing
  • B2 Stealth Bomber
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ)
  • Leonardo helicopter (AW139, AW169 & AW189)
  • AH-64 Apache Longbow

Providing Mold Repair And Maintenance   

Reuther Mold repairs all types of molds through our support tooling services. Our maintenance and repair services are available to all of our customers, even if we did not design or build the mold requiring repairs. We also are able to perform maintenance on your existing molds, including replacing dowels and bushings to complete strip, polish, and replate. We provide optional pick up and delivery to your loading dock.

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Fixtures & Support Tooling
Fixtures & Support Tooling
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Fixtures & Support Tooling