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Crush Core Tooling

Reuther Mold has been active in the crush core industry for over 50 years. In the same way that general injection molding involves mass producing identical practical plastic products, crush core molding is another manufacturing solution that offers identical components with good tolerances. In the mid-’70s, Reuther Mold realized that we would be perfectly suited to produce superior crush core mold, so we began designing and manufacturing match metal dies, specifically with the aircraft industry in mind.

With a unique combination of low flammability for passenger safety, low weight, and high strength, crush core products will continue to be part of the future in passenger aircraft interiors.Reuther Mold will be there also to support you and your customers every step of the way.

How Crush Core Molding Works

A typical crush core interior sandwich panel is made up of a honeycomb core, approximately ½” thick and faced with one or two skin plies of glass/phenolic prepreg. Glass/epoxy or carbon/epoxy can also be used when higher tensile strength is required. These “sandwiches” are shaped and hardened by placing them into a mold.

Reuther Mold’s crush core molds are designed to be used in conjunction with a press, typically running at 300 psi and up to 350F. When the mold closes, the “sandwich” is slightly crushed into shape and then heated to set the resin. The purpose of this practice is to bond the outer skins to the low density core. This “crushing” process is how “crush core” molding gets its name.

Reuther Mold’s crush core tools cycle in less than 15 minutes. Since crush core products are composed of a honeycomb core and thin skins, the resulting molded part may not have a surface that is smooth and homogenous.

Crush core panels that are visible to passengers typically are covered with some type of decorative material. At Reuther Mold we can produce panels that are either standardly painted or covered with flame-retardant carpet.

What Is the Importance of Crush Core Molding?

Crush core products have long been standard issue for virtually every visible part of a commercial aircraft’s cabin, primarily because of the material’s lightweight and high strength-to-weight ratio.

These materials are found most often in overhead stowage bins, panels, window surrounds, sidewall panels, floor and ceiling panels, cargo liners, lavatory modules, galleys, bulkheads and class dividers. This application is not limited to new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) construction but can also be used in the refurbishment of older planes.

Specifically, crush core molded products prove useful in the aircraft industry because of their unique combination of low flammability for passenger safety, low weight, and high strength. Flowing part surfaces can be crush core molded to enhance the stylelines in an aircraft interior and can bring your designers’ ideas into reality. If you have ever stepped onto a plane you have likely seen firsthand the results of crush core molding. Nearly all aspects of aircraft interiors relate in some way to crush core molding.

Our History Producing Crush Core For the Aircraft Industry

When we began the design and production of match metal dies for crush core products, we did so with aircraft interior components specifically in mind. From the very beginning Reuther Mold’s exceptional dedication to quality and to the craft was apparent to big names in the business. Our first crush core project was with Boeing; we expertly produced crush core components for their 747 aircraft.

We provide a wide range of tooling for aircraft interiors:

  • Side Walls
  • Overhead Bin Doors 
  • Strong Backs
  • Seat Back supports
  • Pod Surrounds
  • Door Bustles
  • Door Liners
  • Ceilings
  • And many more!

Since that initial partnership with Boeing, Reuther Mold has maintained impressive standards and remains committed to a job well done. As a globally trusted manufacturer that has served the industry for over 50 years, it is more than possible that the crush core products you have witnessed in action on planes were molded with a tool designed and manufactured by Reuther Mold.

Crush Core Coating

We offer a variety of coatings for our crush core molds to aid with part removal and to add to the longevity of the molding surface. For our steel tooling, we offer Chrome Plating and for our aluminum tool, we offer Hard Coat Anodizing. Both steel and aluminum crush core molds can be Nickel Plated.

Why Choose Nickel vs. Hard Chrome?

Because we offer a variety of materials for our customers, you may be wondering which coating is the right choice for your project. Two of our most popular materials are Nickel and Hard Chrome, each providing a unique set of benefits to crush core products.

Hard Chrome

Hard chrome is often also known as industrial chrome. This material differs from decorative chrome because it is designed to serve a productive function apart from appearance. Hard chrome plating goes further, not simply enhancing product visuals, but also providing much more durability for your crush core products.


The nickel plating process protects crush core products and improves functionality. While nickel is a softer metal than hard chrome, it can still provide excellent results when factoring in its ability to resist corrosion.

Pursuing Quality In Crush Core Molding

Reuther Mold maintains quality systems that ensure that our crush core molding services and the products we offer are the best in the industry. Achieving the latest ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with Design certification, Reuther Mold is thorough in the steps we take to pursue top quality. Our company uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to guarantee further that our products are up to standard. When crush core molds are the first thing your customers see when walking into your business, there can be no dispute that quality service is crucial.

Manufacturing Timeframes

Quote turnaround times for our crush core tooling services can vary, but typically occur in 2-3 days. Lead times also are variable based on size and specifications, but Reuther Mold works hard to provide the components you need in 6-8 weeks.

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