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Reuther Mold manufactures aircraft tooling using aluminum, steel, and Invar from solid blocks or castings. Our in-house welding department is housed in Reuther Mold’s 60,000 sq. ft., temperature-controlled shop – an impressive facility where we employ the latest manufacturing technology. Our high-quality manufacturing services are driven by our core motivation to engineer solutions for your tooling needs, which includes our world-class custom aircraft tool manufacturing.

Custom Aircraft Tool Manufacturing

Our shop floor and offices are connected to our engineering department through an intranet that enables us to share 3D Designs, 2D Prints, customer specifications, inspection data, schedule information, purchasing status, quoting information, job routing, etc. easily between our experts who work hard to bring your custom aircraft tools to life.

In addition to our large, temperature-controlled facility, Reuther Mold also maintains a relationship with a local company that builds tooling made with composite materials and 3D Printing technology. Reuther Mold has and continues to build ties with other trusted manufacturers, because we are committed to going to any length to provide our customers with any custom aircraft tool that they may need.

Our Aircraft Tooling Equipment Capabilities

With decades of experience as a globally recognized aircraft tool manufacturer, our vast capabilities are highly trusted. Reuther Mold specializes in complex jobs, which means we invest in equipment that can accomplish multiform and difficult tasks. From top-of-the-line cranes that are rated for 30,000 lbs. to machining envelopes of 100” x 160” dimensions, our company has the equipment needed to keep you running. 

We not only invest in industry-leading equipment, but also in an outstanding workforce, which makes it possible for Reuther Mold to manufacture high-quality aircraft tools for our customers with 24/7 service.

For customers looking to explore our manufacturing equipment options, an equipment list is available upon request.

Accreditations You Can Trust

To meet our customers’ demands for the highest quality of products, such as our world-class aircraft tools, we have achieved the latest ISO 9001 accreditation for manufacturing. This program of ongoing analysis and procedures enables us to design and manufacture products that meet customer specifications consistently.

Additionally, Reuther Mold is certified per AWS D1.1 to weld Invar 36 plates in both MIG (GMA) and TIG (GTA) processes. Reuther Mold is also certified per AWS D17.1 to weld steel and aluminum plates in both MIG (GMA) and TIG (GTA) processes.

For more information about our Quality policies and initiatives, please contact us today!

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