Over 60 years of Manufacturing Excellence

Plant and Equipment:

  1. Reuther Mold is a 60,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled shop.
  2. Cranes are rated for 30,000 lbs.
  3. Machining envelopes of 100” x 160”
  4. Capable of working 24 Hours x 7 Days
  5. We manufacture custom tools using aluminum, steel, and Invar from solid blocks. Our in-house welding department is certified to weld Invar, steel, and aluminum.
  6. We have a relationship with a local company that builds tooling made with composite materials and 3D Printing technology.
  7. Our shop floor and offices are connected to our Engineering Department thru an “Intranet” so we can share 3D Designs, 2D Prints, Customer Specifications, Inspection Data, Schedule Information, Purchasing Status, Quoting Information, Job Routing, …….
  8. Equipment list available upon request.