Composite Tooling

Reuther Mold is a leader in the manufacturing of tools for composite parts. The company designs and manufactures match metal molds, resin transfer molds, preform molds, debulk molds, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures, inspection fixtures, and vacuum lay-up tools for the composite molding industry.

We have provided match metal tooling for the Boeing 737 through 787 aircraft. The tooling has been chrome plated hard steel tooling with internal steam lines and steam turns. We have also manufactured coated aluminum tooling with internal steam lines and steam turns. This tooling has been used in the manufacturing of the aircraft interior components molded with honeycomb composites and prepreg.

We have provided RTM tooling for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, F-22 and F-35 fighter planes, the Comanche helicopter, and the Dodge Viper sports car. This tooling was manufactured from Invar 36 plate material and P-20 mold steels. We have also manufactured from welded Invar 36 and cast Invar 36 materials. We designed and manufactured a complete tooling stream for the Apache helicopters from preform tools to lay-up molds to machining and assembly fixtures.

We manufacture custom tools using aluminum, steel, and invar, having purchased over 150,000 pounds of Invar over the last two years. We also have a relationship with a local company that builds tooling made with composite materials. Our engineering department uses Catia V4 and V5 as well as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to service your needs.

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